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Photosynth Tips 0

I finally got Photosynth working on my computer today, and I discovered that I needed a little patience to appreciate this new way of viewing photos. Here are four tips that I have for my past me.

(I’ll pass these tips along to me when I travel back in time.)

1. When viewing, advance photos by pressing the space bar. This advances through all the photos in the scene, so you won’t miss anything. Note: you will need to click your mouse into the scene before the space bar will work.

2. Also when viewing, it takes a few seconds for each photo to load in and sharpen. If the photos look too blurry, you are probably skipping around too fast.

3. To create a good scene, take many photos, and photos from different angles. These photos were originally intended for a panorama, so I only took a few, and they are all from the same angle. This isn’t ideal for photosynth. The more photos that photosynth has, the better it is at stitching them together. The best scenes have over a hundered photos, and the photos are from all sorts of angles. (update: also check out the Photosynth Guide)

4. To embed the photosynth in a WordPress blog, wrap the embed code that photosynth give you in the tags <object width=”400″ height=”300″>…</object>